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Erola Gràcia malfeito, advocada
Erola Gràcia Malfeito
Erola Gràcia malfeito, advocada
Erola Gràcia Malfeito
Josep-Antoni Gràcia Vicente

Català Español English FrançaisMember of the Barcelona Lawyers Bar since 1979 he is the founder of the firm. He is in charge of the more important cases in civil, commercial and economic criminal law. He also leads the Team and supervises the cases. You could say that he is like an all-terrain professional. He has experience in international arbitration and currently is member of the Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona.

He made his grade in the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona in 1979. Since then, he has gathered a big amount of professional experience acting in a wide range of cases. From the criminal law, at very begining of his career from 1979 to 1983, to international cases that he manages currently worldwide.

He is our specialist in legal matters of tax law, town planning, companies and administrative law. He manages property affairs like exchanges, sales, renting and inheritances. He also has a vast experience in town planning law.

Dolors Malfeito Bonet

Erola Gràcia malfeito, advocada
Erola Gràcia Malfeito
Dolors Malfeito Bonet

Català Español Français Her speciality is civil law but she also manages the Department of collection of unpaid debts and all the matters related with the accounting and invoicing area.

She is the manager of the quality control of our services. If you have any suggestions or complaint she is the right person to ask for assistance.

Anna Calbet Tarrida

Català Español English She has a degree in Law from the Pompeu Fabra University, and post-graduate studies in maritime law, and obtained the Diploma of Specialization in Bankruptcy Administration from the UOC of Barcelona with the highest qualifications.

Anna Calbet has been a partner since 2006, responsible for the areas of Mercantile and Tax and, since 2013, for the area of ​​Accounting advice.

She is a specialist in commercial and corporate law; civil and commercial contracting; constitution of companies; corporate structures; fusions and acquisitions; intellectual and industrial property; taxation applied to companies and individuals; restructurings and issues related to family business. He has proven experience in closing companies and managing crisis situations, assets rescue, viability plans and everything related with liquidation and dissolution of companies and businesses. She is very good at negotiating defaults with banks, seeking refinancing or reaching agreements.

He regularly advises real estate and investment operations, as well as the planning of inheritances and family and business assets.

She is an expert in taxation and manages many economic-administrative and contentious-administrative files related to taxation. As her knowledge is eminently legal defense, she has an especially useful point of view when giving preventive advice to avoid future fiscal risks.

Erola Gràcia Malfeito

Erola Gracia Malfeito has been a partner since 2011 and is responsible of the judicial department. His specialty is the legal practice at Courts, with extensive experience in labor, civil and administrative litigation: Dismissal; employment regulation; claim for damages; professional negligence; breach of contracts; claims against public administrations; and a long etcetera.

In addition, she is an expert in planning and advising on data protection, banking law and urban planning, in which she intervenes in the management and advises neighborhood associations in urban conflicts, among others. Passionate about difficult cases, her experience in the courts allows her to draw the best strategies and offer a complete and meticulous advice to companies and individuals.

He has collaborated on several occasions with media to offer legal criteria on their specialties.

She has a degree in law from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona.

She is very methodical, responsible and perfectionist, and she takes her job very seriously, when you deal with her right away you will see that you can trust her.

Laura Garcia

Laura García, advocada
envia un mail Laura García Moral

Graduated in law from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. He has a master's degree in criminal law and double specialization in civil and criminal law.

She is an expert in family law, claims for damages, abusive clauses, breaches of contract and criminal law, especially economic, insolvencies and bankruptcy proceedings.

She also advises and manages residence permits, visas and foreigners' rights.

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