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All our professionals had been chosen according to their personal skills and fully trained in-house. We do not look only after the best academic results but mainly for the ability to understand quickly the cases, to deal with new situations and to transmit confidence to our clients.

Therefore, you will not find out from this introduction academic scores. Indeed, years of experience have taught us that the best professional is not always the one with the best marks but one open-minded and ready to unforeseen events.

Josep-Antoni Gràcia Vicente

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Member of the Barcelona Lawyers Bar since 1979 he is the founder of the firm and the more veteran amongst the lawyers. He is in charge of the more important cases in civil, commercial and economic criminal law. He also leads the whole team and supervises all the cases. You could say that he is like an all-terrain professional. He has experience in international arbitration and currently is member of the Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona.

He made his grade in the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona in 1979. Since then he has gathered a big amount of professional experience acting in a wide range of cases. From the criminal law, at very begining of his career from 1979 to 1983, to the international cases that he manages currently worldwide.

He is our specialist in legal matters of tax law, town planning, companies and administrative law. He manages property affairs like exchanges, sales, renting and inheritances. He also has a vast experience in town planning law.

Dolors Malfeito Bonet

Dolors Malfeito Bonet

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Her speciality is civil law but she also manages, by means of the trademark 'Captura d'Impagats', the Department of collection of unpaid debts and all the matters related with the accounting and invoicing area.

She is the manager of the quality control of our services. If you have any suggestions or complaint she is the right person to ask for assistance.

Anna Calbet Tarrida

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She manages all kind of matters concerning corporate law and civil and commercial contracts. She is specialised in contracts, publics deeds, real state purchases, foreign investments and commercial claims. Incorporation of companies is also her speciality. She also manages and represents our clients in lawsuits of her speciality. She has a postgraduate master on maritime law and manages the Tax Planning and Accountant Department. She can help to start up international or loc al structures, asset protections schemes and trusts. She is a very straightforward and decided person and enjoys working with efficiency and precision.

Mireia Hernández García

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She is our labour law expert. Labour contracts, wages, dismissals, social allowances, disabled persons, personal injuries at work and related matters are also her specialities as well as foreigner laws, residence and work permits for foreigners.

She is in charge of the judicial proceedings section. Her speciality is lawsuits and other actions before the courts. She handles cases related to different fields, e.g. medical negligence, tort law, professional and corporate liabilities, compensation or consumer claims, economic criminal law, separations and divorces and incapacitations, amongst others. She also is very experienced in corporate law in general, specially when cases get to the courts. She is a very competent professional and also very demanding with herself.She is barrister in labour law and manage all the labour conflicts.

Erola Gràcia Malfeito

Law degree from the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Is expert in administrative and public law and manage urban town planning associations; also carries legal files at Court related with leases, consumer protection, professional negligence, accident, other civil and commercial matters; defense against bank abuses, credit recovery and debt reestructuration.

It's very methodical, responsible, and perfectionist.

Anna Font Fillat, abogadaAnna Font Fillat

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Law degree from the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. He attended graduate ICAB legal practices in the specialties of civil and criminal law. He had previously studied at the French School, in Barcelona, so it dominates the French language perfectly.

He has experience in consumer law, both from the point of view of the user and of the companies. Due to a collaboration with the Catalan Consumer Agency, where she held practices; and a stage in a law firm in Barcelona, she got experience in debt's claims, mortgage issues, and criminal and civil claims for damages and losses. Currently she collaborates with the Judicial and Labor Department, under the direction of Lawyer Mireia Hernandez; and reinforces the Commercial Law Department, managed by partner Anna Calbet.

We selected Anna because we saw the qualities we appreciate in our professionals: competence, empathy, positive attitude, tenacity and, above all, the desire to do well. Check it when you meet her.

Francesc Albin Colet, architect and town plannig specialist

Her skills in town planning is very broad. He is actually technical advisor of many town councils all around the country. If you want to deal with a real state investment in the Kingdom of Spain he can help you in all architectural matters.