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Anna Calbet Tarrida, advocada
Anna Calbet Tarrida

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One of our main goals is to make our work clear and easy. We strive to turn complicated things into simple ones. Our aim is that everybody can understand  our documents. The simpler, the better.

We are a Barcelona based law firm offering full services to individuals or companies in Catalonia, Spain and other countries. We take mainly matters of civil, commercial, corporate, and tax law. Foreign investments, purchases and buy and sales of companies, real state or family law are also amongst our specialities. If you are looking to come to Barcelona we can help with the immigration paperwork, setting up your business, purchase or manage your property or rent a house or a flat. We can give full advice in any legal, commercial or personal affair.

We provide management services and legal advice related with properties or asset's portfolios in Catalonia and Spain for clients all around the world.

We give legal advice to local entrepreneurs in their export operations worldwide and manage lawsuits derived from that activity.