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Incorporating Spanish Companies

Anna Calbet Tarrida
Anna Calbet Tarrida, lawyer

To establish an Spanish company is an easy and not much expensive process.

We are experts in incorporating all kind of companies, trusts or other legal associations in Spain: from the simplest civil society managing a little bussines, to the middle range limited liability company, or the big share capital company. This includes NGO, civil right associations, town planning associations, or real estate comunities.

We can offer Spanish on-the-shelf companies ready to use in only one day. You decide if you want to put your own director or a Spanish one provided by us. Our work also includes the day by day management of the Company, acting as a tax representatives and accountants before the Spanish authorities.

We manage Spanish properties and companies for people all around the World with business or real estates in Spain.

Get a Spanish company from our shelf

Our shelf companies are fully formed companies that have never been used. Rather than signing at the notary to constitute the company, you are signing to put the shares in your name.

Step 1: Get a NIE number

The director(s) of the company need a tax identity number (NIE) before the company deeds can be set up. You can either obtain the NIE in Spain or in a Spanish consulate abroad. We are willing to help you in the process of obtaining your NIE.

Step 2: Come to Barcelona to sign or send us a proxy and stay home

We go with you to the notary's office to sign the transfer of the shares to you and to set up all the related documents like change of directors and company official adress.

Step 3: Do your business

Total fees

Our fee of 1.999 € (plus VAT) includes all the costs to register the company in your name. (Obtaining your NIE is not included).

Once the signing of the shares is registered at the Commercial Registry, you will receive the company deeds, a permanent CIF (corporate tax ID), and a bank account for the company with online services in the language you choose. You may then wish to use MUNDILEX for accounting, payroll, and virtual office services.

Documents included:

Take advantage of our pre-incorporated limited liability companies:

We offer virtual offices in the centre of Barcelona as well as accountant services.

Incorporate your own company

First of all you must decide wether you will need a Sociedad Limitada (SL) or a Sociedad Anónima (SA).

What is the difference between a Sociedad Limitada (SL) and a Sociedad Anónima (SA)?

You might choose an SA:

Otherwise, you would choose an SL. Most companies formed are now SL's, and not only for small businesses.